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There is nothing more valuable than independence and comfort. Living independently at home can be liberating and comforting to an elderly or disabled person. Focus Family Care (FFC) provides private home health care services that allows the elderly, or the disabled, to continue living safely and independently at home. Our comprehensive home care services is designed to help maintain an optimal quality of life. This luxury often reduces stress off the individual, and also relieves their family members of burden and worry. Here are some of our main (general) home care services.

  • Bathing and Maintaining Hygiene
  • Mobility Assistance
  • Meal Preparation and Feeding
  • Companion and Conversation
  • Light Housekeeping
  • Running Errands

FFC can provide assistance in managing and maintaining a healthy hygiene routine, as it is a vital part of elder care services. Our goal here at FFC is to help our clients by bathing and maintaining optimal personal cleanliness so that they can keep looking and feeling their best.

There are many benefits, both mental and physical, in having an active lifestyle. Our seniors can maintain a healthy lifestyle with the help of our client care specialist. Our home health aids (HHA), or clinical nursing assistant (CNA), assist our clients with moving around from place to place, either by walking or driving. This enables our clients to stay active, and live an independent lifestyle.

It is essential to eat a well nourished meal daily. This may be difficult to maintain for the disabled or the elderly individual. FFC functions as a senior home care company by meal management. We are committed to ensuring that our seniors stay on their recommended diet through meal preparation and assistive feedings, wherever assistance is necessary. We provide this elderly care at home service, which will improve or maintain a healthy diet and weight.

Research shows that by staying engaged and social, older individuals can improve their quality of life as well as avoid cognitive decline and depression. Our in home senior care companions, aim to engage our clients in stimulating conversation, while guaranteeing a trusting relationship and reliable companionship.

FFC provides housekeeping assistance. Having housekeeping assistance often helps to prolong the ability of the senior to continue living independently at home. Our private home care services includes some light housekeeping, which includes vacuuming, dusting , tidying the rooms, and other various task to ensure a clean home, which improves COMFORT.

Driving inability and weakness are some factors that keep seniors from maintaining their independence. Our in home senior care company guarantees meeting all of your needs. Our home care specialist can help seniors run errands such as doctor visit, shopping for groceries, attending functions, picking up medications from the pharmacy, and other services. Our home health care agency is happy to assist with all of your errands.

Focus Family Care is dedicated to offering the most comprehensive home care services. These are only a few of the many private home care services we offer. Our caregivers are available 24 hours a day. We provide short stays from 4 hours to 24 hour home care, depending on your needs. Our specialist are highly trained in home nursing care. They have been well vetted with previous experience, training, and an extensive level 2 background check. You can rest assured that you yourself or your loved one will be in great hands.

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